Spy Shots

Spy Shots—New 2015 Dodge Challenger Shows More Redesign


Testing of the revamped ’15 Dodge Challenger has accelerated into high gear, with the appearance of several new prototypes on the Detroit test circuit. The Challengers' revised camouflage scheme suggests numerous changes to the musclecar's front and rear fascias.

New Nose Hidden Under Revised Front-End Camouflage

Earlier Challenger prototypes had a minor bit of camouflage covering the front clip, with the existing grille and headlight set-up visible behind the disguise. The new camouflage is much more extensive, and we see what appears to be more extensive changes to the front fascia. Our latest shots show new LED accents ringing around the Challenger's new headlights. The outer LED ring also included amber turn signals, which were spotted, but could not be photographed.

New Hood Design Hidden Under Newly Applied Camouflage

Earlier Challenger prototypes had the existing hood, but this latest test car has a newly camouflaged hood, suggesting further design changes for the revamped Challenger.

New Rear Styling Now in Place Behind New Rear Camouflage

This latest Challenger test car also gives us our first look at a prototype with a camouflaged rear-end. The camouflage begins midway into the rear fender and covers the entire trunk and rear bumper. The taillights are well camouflaged, so it's impossible to discern how extensive the changes are to the rear lamps. There is currently no sign of the bright LED border that is found on all of the latest Dodge products, although it could still be hidden beneath the disguise.

We can see changes to the surface development of the rear bumper, with some sculpting applied around and above the exhaust tips. This is a new feature, which signals a subtle change from the notably clean, simple surfaces that make up the current Challenger's rear fascia.

Camouflaged Interior Points to Overhauled Interior

While there was nothing to photograph, we did get a glimpse into the cockpits of these latest prototypes, and the interiors were heavily camouflaged. There is now no question that an overhauled interior is part of this Challenger update.

With the modernized Mustang now a public entity, it appears that the Challenger—even with this facelift—will remain the most faithfully retro of Detroit's musclecars. Whether the updates under test here will be enough to keep it competitive with the Mustang and Camaro remains to be seen.


Photo credit: KGP Photography