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Spy Shots—2015 Chrysler 200 Undisguised at Night


The shooters at KGP Photography caught the ’15 Chrysler 200 completely undisguised during a night-time photo shoot, providing their best look yet at the sleek new Fusion-fighter.

The jet-black car was tricky to photograph under whatever street light existed, as the photographer tried to dodge the security team that was on hand, but in the end, the new upscale flavor of the next Chrysler 200 shows through. Seeing the final shape, it's now clear why Chrysler had been caught more than one year ago benchmarking mules for the new 200 against the Volkswagen CC, as the new 200 has a similarly flowing, "four-door-coupe" body style.

The Chrysler 200's interior gets a fresh take on its center-stack arrangement, with a separate, angled collection of buttons and switches sitting below the LCD infotainment screen. The 200 does away with the usual gear-shift, in favor of a rotary dial transmission selector similar to the one used in the new Ram pickup. The visual design and the passenger interface appears to be a fresh take on the automotive center stack, and the result is clean and uncluttered. It will be interesting to see if the tactile experience is equally clean and unencumbered. The photographer also noticed a hint of LED lighting effects in use throughout the interior as seen on the Dart.


Photo credit: KGP Photography