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Spy Shots—First-Time Photo of 2015 Ford F-150 Interior


Two Trim Levels Revealed

The shooters at KGP Photography shot the interiors of two separate F-150 prototypes, revealing two trim levels and dashboard configurations for Ford's next-generation fullsize pickup. While there are still portions of the new F-series interior that are a mystery, the shooters have exposed the most important details of the trucks' controls and button interfaces. It's likely that some elements revealed here don't represent the final materials and plastics, but the design, layout and configurations of the screens and buttons should be dead ringers for the trucks that are expected to be revealed at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit—likely Monday, January 13, 2014.  

Atlas Concept Interior Traits Visible On Production Trucks

Elements of Ford's Atlas concept truck can be seen on the interior design of the ’15 F-150. Starting with the prototype's instrument binnacle, there is a similarly shaped, angular hood over the gauge cluster. The prototype's instrument hood also has places for contrasting trim on its outside edges, which appears to be an exact match for the chrome-edged instrument hood found on the Atlas concept.

The F-150 prototypes also have a center stack design that shows Atlas influences, with new, vertical air vents and similar screen placements. The prototype F-150 looks like it might have some dash-top storage—a day-to-day functional trait missing from the showbiz-worthy Atlas concept. The layout of the central tunnel on the production F-150 and the Atlas concept are broadly similar, with the gear selector on the left, and two cup holders on the right. The production truck actually gets a little more design detail, with chrome edging defining the two areas.

Up-Level Prototype Reveals Sync With MyFordTouch Layout

The first F-series interior spied shows a more upmarket trim level, outfitted with the 8-in. central touchscreen display. Prominent knobs for volume and tune flank the upper cluster of buttons, which consist of two simple rows of numbered presets (1–6), which sandwich the media and skip controls. A new set of HVAC controls sit lower on the center stack and show buttons for heated and cooled front seats. Two more big dials control the temp and dual functions for passenger comfort. There also appears to be a revised take on the rotary electric transfer case selector to shift between the various drive modes.

Mid-Level Sync with MyFord Layout Also Revealed

Another prototype was caught with a mid-level trim set-up, eschewing the 8-in. touchscreen in favor of a smaller (likely 4.2-in.) screen. This prototype most likely reveals the Sync with MyFord setup, offering simpler infotainment options, while still clearly a step up from a base AM/FM stereo in base "work truck" trim. The prototype captured here appears to do away with the shapelier button design that surrounds the 4.2-in. screen on the current truck. Instead, the ’15 MyFord setup has two rectangular blocks of buttons flanking the smaller screen—source controls on the left (music, radio, CD, Sirius, media, phone), and a numbered keypad on the right. The two tiers of buttons that reside below the screen are similar, but simplified versions of the setup visible on the MyFordTouch layout.

Undisguised Headlights Reveal Exterior Styling Links to Ford Atlas Concept

Just as seen on the Atlas concept, the production F-150 shows a trim piece that cuts into the headlight, nearly bisecting it into upper and lower sections. The shape of the headlight, its interaction with the front fender and its interplay with the grille shape looks to be a carbon copy between the Atlas concept and the production-spec prototype caught on the streets of Dearborn. The only difference seems to be the headlight internals, which have the reflectors and lighting elements necessary for a volume-production product—instead of something designed primarily for auto show flash.


Photo credit: KGP Photography