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Spy Shots—2015 Nissan Murano Prototype


The shooters at KGP Photography just got their first look at the ’15 Nissan Murano, resulting in interior and exterior shots of the all-new crossover.

Styling Breakdown—Compared to Nissan Resonance Crossover Concept

Despite the camouflage, it's  apparent that the next Murano will take design cues straight from the Nissan Resonance concept crossover that debuted at the last North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The prototype shares the concept's rising belt line and the prominent side shelf that stretches from the taillights, all the way up to a roll into the front fender and hood line. Further similarities are found around the rear wheel arch, with the Murano prototype showing signs of the concept's strong swell over the rear wheel arch, which continues into the crossover's midsection.

The Resonance concept's rear surface development was very complex, and it looks to have been toned-down a bit on the Murano prototype. Still, there are more signs of the concept's inspiration in the Murano's rear-end styling, with taillights that appear to begin sweeping back upward into the prototype's C-pillar—just as it does on the Resonance concept.

The Murano prototype's front fascia appears to have a sharply chiseled grille design similar to that found on the latest Nissan Rogue. Again, the Murano prototype gets a significantly toned-down version of the concept's front fascia.

Prototype Interior

The Murano's interior reveals a portion of the crossover's center stack that is dominated by a large LCD screen at the top of the dashboard. Prominent brushed aluminum accents can be seen on interior, both on the outer edges of the instrument binnacle, and also defining the outer edges of the center stack.  

Signs of Plug-In Hybrid?

The prototype has what appears to be a circular access door hidden within the black camouflage on its front fender, just ahead of the A-pillar. There are reports of a 2.5L four-cylinder with a lithium-ion battery, providing the usual performance bump while maintaining a smaller, more fuel-efficient engine. To date, there are no reports of a plug-in hybrid system.

Production of the ’15 Murano will reportedly be shifted to Nissan's Canton, Mississippi, manufacturing plant, with a build date destined for sometime in the next calendar year.


Photo credit: KGP Photography