New Research Available for SEMA Members

By SEMA Editors

 Consumer Segmentation Report, SEMA Research
SEMA's Consumer Segmentation Report will assist members in identifying and understanding their target consumers within the overall specialty-equipment industry.

Knowledge can be the difference between you and your competition. The SEMA Market Research team works hard to provide you with the information needed to maintain a prosperous business. A variety of market research reports are available to SEMA members, most at no charge.

For instance, the Consumer Segmentation Report is designed to help you understand your target consumers within the larger universe of the specialty-equipment industry. Having a better understanding of who is interested in your products makes it is easier to target and reach those specific individuals. It’s all about helping you expand your customer base.

Stay informed about the latest sales trends, consumer needs and economic fluctuations impacting your industry and company so you can make better business decisions. See what reports are available to you.