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Spy Shots—Camaro Z/28 Caught Testing With Boss 302


The shooters at KGP Photography caught a GM test group running Camaro Z/28 prototypes against the Mustang Boss 302. This is the same day that Chevy released a video showing the two cars being tested side-by-side at GM's MRC road course, proving that the video is more than a PR stunt. The track testing depicted in the video can be confirmed as the real deal within GM's real-world, day-to-day Z/28 testing program.  

GM's take is that the Boss 302—not the Shelby GT500—is the quickest Mustang on the track, and the Z/28 is presented as at least 4.0 seconds faster around GM's MRC. Regardless of the veracity of those times—and despite questions as to how well the GT500 would have done in the same test—at least Detroit's musclecar wars are still in the fullest effect. Things will only get more interesting with a modernized, newly realized Mustang ready to gallop onto the scene by the middle of next year. This will be fun.


Photo credit: KGP Photography