Top Exhibitors Entering New Products Showcase in Droves

By John Stewart

  SEMA Show, New Products Showcase
Through the SEMA Show New Products Showcase, buyers can preview more than 2,000 of the industry's hottest and newest products all in one area.

Three weeks before the start of the 2013 SEMA Show, 594 leading companies have entered more than 1,971 products into the New Products Showcase. The pace is well ahead of the prior year and is trending to set a record for participation.

Even considering the avalanche of new products already entered, there is still space available for companies to take advantage of the exposure they will receive by participating in the New Products Showcase.

The Showcase offers perhaps the best ROI opportunity of the Show because it is a primary buyer and media destination. The early-bird entry fee has expired, but the first product can be entered for free. The cost for subsequent entries is $150 per product. Exhibitors may enter as many products as they wish right up until the day the Show opens.  

Several top-line companies have already entered products into the New Products Showcase.

Find out how to add your company to the list.