Exhibitor Update: Upcoming SEMA Show Deadlines

By Jeff Pressman

Check the Deadline Checklist located in the Exhibitor Manual for a complete list of all upcoming deadlines.
The 2013 SEMA Show is just a little more than one month away, and several deadlines will pass over the next few weeks. Upcoming deadlines include:
  • Exhibitor Registration (international to receive badges in the mail): September 27
  • Sponsorship Materials Due: September 27
  • Student Program Application (interns): September 27
  • Freeman Warehouse: First day to accept advance freight: September 30  

A complete list of all upcoming deadlines can be found in the Deadline Checklist, located online in the Exhibitor Manual.

Is a Third-Party Providing You Services at the Show? Ensure They Complete All EAC Requirements to Avoid Delay or Extra Costs

Deadline: October 18

An Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor, also known as EAC, is a third-party contractor performing services for an exhibitor. Contractors subject to the EAC rules are any companies and/or individuals that provide services to SEMA exhibitors, including, but not limited to, an installation and dismantling company, exhibit builder, sound and lighting company, detailer or any person or company providing direct services other than the official contractors listed in the Exhibitor Manual. EACs must conform to the EAC Rules of the SEMA Show and complete the application by the October 18 deadline. Questions? contact Donna Lawson at 702-450-7662, ext. 100 or e-mail

Ordering Services From Freeman Has Never Been Easier

The partnership between SEMA and Freeman has become even stronger with the creation of the Exhibitor Manual and the synergy with Freeman’s online services. Simply by clicking on "Online Ordering" at the top of, you will be taken to the Freeman’s Online Ordering module. Under "Helpful Tools" at the bottom of the screen, click on "Order from Previous Shows," where you can simply reorder the same services for the 2013 SEMA Show from last year or any other shows in which Freeman is your service provider. No longer do you need to recreate all the order forms you did in the past. Simply tell Freeman you want the same as last year and save significant time and effort.

Getting Around Las Vegas Can Be Easy With the Monorail

The Las Vegas Monorail is offering SEMA Show attendees exclusive fare discounts. Use the monorail to get to the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Las Vegas Strip without the hassles of traffic. Buy your tickets in advance and take advantage of exclusive discounted rates on the unlimited three-, four- and seven-day passes. Purchase tickets online. Redeem your eTickets at monorail customer service booths or at any of the monorail stations using your printed barcode, PIN code or mobile device. In minutes, monorail riders can travel to and from the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Las Vegas Strip in a safe, clean and climate-controlled environment.