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Spy Shots—Mustang GT350/SVT Cobra Prototype Breaks Cover


Ford's SVT crew finally has their hands on the next Mustang. The shooters at KGP Photography just spotted the first prototypes for the Mustang that will replace the Shelby GT500 on the streets of Detroit.

Reports are circulating that the Shelby GT500 name will go away, but there is some speculation as to what moniker will grace its replacement. Rumor is that it will be called the GT350, while others are speculating that the Cobra name could be resurrected. We'll call it the GT350 here, just to keep things simple.

While all prior Mustang prototypes have been visiting several laboratories around Dearborn, this hotter variant—with its new quad-exhaust setup—entered the gates of the SVT workshops. This latest Mustang prototype has some key differences separating it from the other, lesser Mustangs seen testing.  

In addition to the aforementioned quad-exhaust setup (which makes a fantastic rumble, by the way), this Mustang gets revised camouflage to accommodate new, functional air scoops visible on the GT350 prototypes. A mesh panel has been added to the GT350's hood, and there is an air-duct tucked underneath the camouflage. Another vent can be seen behind the mesh camo just behind the front wheel. The fact that the usual Mustang camouflage has been altered in favor of new breathable mesh panels indicates that these new ducts and scoops are fully functional, performance-enhancing features—just what one would expect from a car designed to top the Mustang model range.

The prototype also has a set of meaty new wheels and tires, which cover upgraded brakes and cross-drilled rotors—another sign that this Mustang is ready for track duty.

The Mustang also has a new steering wheel, complete with a new range of buttons to operate the more advanced infotainment options that are expected to be a part of the new Mustangs.


Photo credit: KGP Photography