Spy Shots

Spy Shots—2015 Hyundai Genesis Drops Camo in the Desert


Prototypes for the ’15 Hyundai Genesis have dropped much of the heavy fabric camouflage for some hot-weather tests in the Southwestern United States. The prototypes have a mixture of clean body panels, with their front and rear fascias covered in black-and-white graphic camouflage.

In addition to its rear-wheel drive, reports have surfaced that the new Genesis may offer AWD as well, and these photos appear to confirm the reports. As one of the prototypes was hustling into its desert-testing workshop, it appears that the front wheels are spitting some serious gravel, definitely suggesting that the front wheels are powered by a new AWD system.

One of the prototypes has two sets of dual-exhaust tips, each consisting of two oval tips integrated into the lower skirt of the rear bumper. The quad oval-tip treatment hasn't been seen on any prior prototypes. Whether this denotes a new engine option or just a styling revision is unknown at this time.


Photo credit: KGP Photography