Light-Truck Specialty-Equipment Sales Grow for the First Time in Four Years

By SEMA Market Research

Did you know that light-truck specialty-equipment retail sales are more than $4.65 billion? According to the 2013 SEMA Annual Market Report:
  • Light-truck specialty-equipment sales increased 1%—the first growth since 2007.
  • Off-road niche sales remain solid at $1.46 billion.
  • Half of all new vehicles sold in the United States are light trucks (i.e., pickups, CUVs, SUVs and vans).
  • New pickup sales are up for the third year, climbing 6.4% in 2012.
  • Two-thirds of light-truck owners who accessorize install some or all of the parts themselves.

While there are still downward pressures from a wavering economy, high gas prices and increasing accessorization of factory option packages, the light-truck market is showing positive signs.

This is just a glimpse of what you can discover from the newly released 2013 SEMA Annual Market Report.