Spy Shots

Spy Shots—Mystery Ford Raptor With Dual Rear Exhaust Spotted


The shooters at KGP Photography caught this mysterious Ford Raptor sporting a new dual, rear-exhaust set up, and a curious collection of matte front and rear fenders and a matte black hood. The test truck has the look of a mule. But if it is a mule, a mule for what, exactly?

The current Raptor has side-exit exhaust tips that poke out behind the passenger-side rear wheel. The dual exhaust on this prototype/mule/test truck clearly exit straight out the back, with tips at each corner on the rear bumper. So what can be made of this? New exhaust often means a new engine offering, so is this some sort of Raptor special edition? Perhaps this test truck points to a "farewell" Raptor variant to be sold alongside the new, ’15 F-150. The current F-150 will reportedly be sold alongside the ’15 F-series as production of the new truck ramps-up, so a mix of old and new models already appears to be in the cards for at least six months. No enthusiast would blame Ford if they kept the Raptor around for an even longer overlap—especially one that has been even further massaged for greater off-road and performance awesomeness.

An even more compelling thought comes to mind. Is there any chance that this test truck is a mule for a next-generation Raptor built from the bones of the all-new, ’15 F-150? There are no obvious body modifications to strengthen the case for a next-gen Raptor mule just yet, but those matte black body panels are, at least, more than a little curious.

This Raptor test truck is running around with a rather sketchy exterior look, and an all-new exhaust set-up, suggesting that some changes are in the works. The blue-topped, Fox Racing shock absorbers can be seen peeking above the tires within the rear wheel wells, further confirming that Raptor-spec goods truly reside underneath. So what else is in the makeup of this test truck?


Photo credit: KGP Photography