How to Get Your SEMA Show Press Release to the Media

 SEMA Show, SEMA Show Website
All SEMA Show exhibitors are also able to post releases at on the SEMA Show website.
By Della Domingo

A quick and easy way for exhibitors to get their SEMA Show-related news to buyers and media is through a press release. A press release is a media announcement that journalists use to fill the pages of their magazines or to develop stories in print, radio, television or the Internet.

An effective press release is formatted very simply. A typical outline of a press release is as follows:
  • A strong, short headline: "[Company Name] Releases New [Product Name]."
  • Lead: "[Company Name] now offers the newest product in their line, designed to save time, effort and money for restylers."
  • Benefit No. 1: List the most important benefit, possibly followed by a quote from your company spokesperson.
  • Benefit No. 2: List the next most important benefit.
  • Name additional benefit(s).
  • Contact Information: ("For more information, contact [Name], address, phone, fax, e-mail, company website, or visit us in SEMA Show Booth xxxxxx.")
  • Photo: Having a photo may be the most important element of the release, as many editors will use only releases that include photos. While online outlets will use low-res images, it’s best to offer high-res, 300-dpi images, since they can be reduced.
Once you have your final release, it should be distributed to a very targeted list of media, based on the relevant markets and niches. The No. 1 complaint from editors and journalists is that they are often sent press releases that are beyond the markets they serve.

All SEMA Show exhibitors are also able to post releases at on the SEMA Show website. The online press center serves as the single, primary location for media to obtain Show news and information.

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