Spy Shots

Spy Shots—2015 Chevy Colorado


Thanks to some hot-weather testing in the Southwestern United States, the shooters at KGP Photography have gotten their best look yet at the ’15 Chevy Colorado—including the first engine shots of a production-spec prototype.  
The photographers caught a Colorado prototype with its hood raised just long enough to grab a couple shots of the truck's engine. The engine cover is emblazoned with "V6 VVT" and what appears to be "Direct Injection" in smaller print. It's clear that GM designers and engineers are "butching up" the global Colorado to better suit American tastes, and this V6 engine should further that cause.

The desert sun has also penetrated the front camouflage better than ever, providing the best look yet at the grille work. The Colorado—while taking some cues from the new Silverado—seems to have a more shapely grille, which is wider at the top and narrows toward the front bumper. Compared to the overly blocky grille on the Silverado, the ’15 Colorado is getting a little more shape to its face.

When the Colorado reaches United States showrooms—reportedly by mid 2014—the new truck will find more breathing room than was available in prior generations. With the Ford Ranger still a no-show in North America, and Ram showing signs of an updated replacement for the Dodge Dakota, the Colorado will have a more captive audience for those looking for something less than a fullsize truck.

The new truck may come with a new name, befitting the fresh take that the new pickup is getting. The end results will be more of a lifestyle truck, but it is expected to retain a high level of the Silverado's capabilities. With the availability of a DI V6 engine, GM's new midsize truck should prove to be a stout addition to GM's truck ranks.


Photo credit: KGP Photography