Products Available to 2013 SEMA Show Project-Vehicle Builders

By SEMA Editors

 SEMA Show Products for Project Vehicle Builders
Exhibitors looking to get their products on more display vehicles at the 2013 SEMA Show are invited to participate in the Products for Project-Vehicle Builders List.

Exhibitors of the 2013 SEMA Show have the opportunity to expand their reach at Show by offering products to builders through the Products for Project-Vehicle Builders List. Builders continuously look for the key pieces and products to add visual spice to their builds. The list helps connect manufacturers looking for extra product exposure with the pros that create trendsetting vehicles that capture the imaginations of media and buyers from around the world.

This type of product-placement opportunity is so valuable that manufacturers often offer builders products for free or at a greatly reduced rates. The intention of the list is to make builders aware of potential products available. All product-placement decisions and negotiations are the responsibility of the manufacturers and the builders. Participation in the list does not guarantee product placement at the 2013 SEMA Show.

To participate in the list, access the Products for Project-Vehicle Builders form.

The latest additions to the list will be included each week in SEMA eNews, when available. The list is open to exhibitors of the 2013 SEMA Show only and is intended to build awareness for SEMA Show exhibitors and their products.

For questions or additional information, contact Jason Catullo at or call 909-978-6713.

Latest Additions

Engine/Underhood Components

Magnaflow: Performance exhaust systems, mufflers, tips, exhaust pipes, hot rod kits, glasspack, custom builder kits, diesel exhaust and  catalytic converters. Contact: Kirsten Wright,; 949-858-5900. Website:

ODYSSEY Battery by EnerSys: High-performance batteries. Contact: April Lowther,; 610-208-1729.

Perma-Cool Products:
Cooling components: fans, oil & transmission coolers, oil filter mounts and adapters etc. Contact: Kevin Doyle,; 909-391-3000. Website:

Standard Motor Products: Components offered: High performance/racing spark plug wire sets; also offering battery cables. We supply wire sets to three major NASCAR engine builders. Contact: Brad Hopper,; 913-441-6500, ext. 7168. Website:

VP Racing Fuels: Official Fuel of the NHRA and 60 other sanctioned bodies of racing around the globe is looking for opportunities with key builders this year. We will REQUIRE dyno testing showing performance gains before and after for consideration for sponsorship. Products options will be our new VP101 - Street Legal Performance Unleaded, VP Vintage - Leaded Storage Fuel for Muscle Cars and Vintage vehicles, MS109 - Racing Performance Unleaded, VPC9 - Unleaded Storage Fuel, C85 - Ethanol Based Racing Fuel, and Leaded Racing Fuels - VPC16, VPQ16, VPC12, VP110, etc. Product info and tech sheets available online. Contact: Brian Fox,; 717-577-6449. Website:


A.R.E. Accessories LLC: A.R.E. truck caps and hard tonneau covers. Each cap is custom built and painted to meet the customer’s specifications. A.R.E. matches the vehicle identification number, paint code and uses a state-of-the-art factory painting system. There are more than a dozen types of truck caps and tonneau covers, as well as commercial units for fleets, that match every lifestyle and truck need. Contact: Shari Arfons,; 330-244-9980. Website:

BOLT Locks: BOLT locks feature Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology, which permanently programs the lock to a vehicle’s ignition key. When owners insert their ignition key into the BOLT Lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down to uniquely code the cylinder to that specific key. They are available for owners of Ford, GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota and Nissan vehicles and deliver added security and convenience. Contact: Shari Afrons,; 330-244-9980. Website:

KC HiLiTES Inc.: Auxiliary lighting products. Contact: Ron Pryczynski,; 928-635-2607. Website:

Scorpion Truck Bed Linings: Bed Liners, rocker panel protection, under coating, wheel well protection and full body sprays. Contact: Dana Mitchell,; 800-999-6841. Website:

Interior Components/Accessories

BEDSLIDE/Takit Inc.:  BEDSLIDE is simply a better way to access your truck bed by turning it into an easy-access drawer. The BEDSLIDE rolls all of your cargo out to you—saving time, effort and back pain. Available for SEMA project pickups, vans, SUVs and Jeeps. Contact: Jake Plappert,; 239-340-9608. Website:

Scorpion Truck Bed Linings: Interior heat and sound control, interior non-slip, easy to clean liners. Contact: Dana Mitchell,; 800-999-6841. Website:

Suspension/Brake Components

Firestone Industrial Products: Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs kits and components, R4Tech suspension system, air accessory kits and component (air compressors, air tanks, gauges, etc). Contact: Todd Green,; 317-818-8661. Website:

Wheels & Tires

Atturo Tire: Atturo Tires - AZ800, Trail Blade M/T and A/T. Contact: Michael Mathis,; 847-265-6146. Website:

Other Products/Services

BOLT Locks: 1) The Padlock 2.0 is a chrome plated 5/16-inch hardened steel, spring loaded shackle lock inside a crush-resistant body shell. A stronger double ball bearing locking mechanism, it is the perfect lock for commercial and industrial applications. The automotive grade stainless steel lock keeps out weather and debris, ensuring a longer usage life. 2) The Receiver Lock is an auto-return spring and automatically locks when the key is removed. The solid stainless steel pin is durable and keeps out elements and debris. The six-plate tumbler sidebar prevents picking and bumping, guaranteeing your gear will be kept safe on your vehicle. 3) The Cable Lock is a six foot 1/4-inch coiled cable with a 1/16-inch black vinyl coating. The flexible cable is able to pin and loop over many items for added handiness and to keep items protected from picking and bumping. 4) BOLT also has Trailer Spare Tire Locks which fits the steel rim wheel to a studded mount. The locks are made with an electronic nickel plated carbon steel pin or shaft assembly for strength and durability. 5) The Toolbox Latch Retrofit Kit features a solid zinc core and an automotive-grade cylinder with patented six-plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping. A stainless steel lock shutter keeps out grime and wetness. Contact: Shari Afrons,; 330-244-9980. Website:

Hornblasters Inc.: Loudest train horn kits ever made. On board air systems, air horns, and air suspension kits. Contact: Rigo,; 813-783-8058, ext. 305. Website:

Scorpion Truck Bed Linings: High-build polyurethane and polyurea coatings.. Contact: Dana Mitchell,; 800-999-6841. Website:

Previous Submissions

Engine/Underhood Components

Performance Distributors (D.U.I.): High-performance and racing ignition systems; alternators and batteries. Contact: Steve Davis,; 901-396-5782.

ProCharger: Intercooled ProCharger supercharger systems. Contact: Cary Pangrac,; 913-338-2886. Website:


Masterbuilt: Cargo carrier; motorcycle carrier. Contact: Danny East,; 706-2566-3909. Website:

Other Products/Services

Wavetrac Differentials: Wavetrac differential. Contact: Dana Clark,; 949-362-8700. Website: