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Get to Know the 2013–2016 SEMA Board Candidates; Cast Your Vote

 SEMA Board Candidates
The current SEMA Board of Directors. 

By SEMA Editors

Materials for this year’s SEMA Board of Directors election have been mailed to the primary contacts at all eligible SEMA-member companies. The voting period runs May 15–June 11, 2013.

Votes must be cast by the member’s designated primary contact. The new or reelected Board members will be selected from the eight candidates who are currently vying for four open seats.

For the election, candidates submited a questionnaire that clearly states the issues they feel are critical to the industry. For the first time, the questionnaires are available to the SEMA electorate to help members make a well-informed decision and select the leadership they feel will make a positive impact on the Association and industry.

In addition, detailed biographies for each candidate are also available online and include career experience, personal insights and an explanation of primary goals in running for a seat on the SEMA Board. View candidate photos, questionnaires and background information online at

For more information about the 2013–2016 SEMA Board of Directors election, contact Arlene Wood at or call 909-978-6689.