New Products and Technology

New Web Resource for Insight on Emerging Trends and Technology

By SEMA Editors


SEMA's Emerging Trends and Technology Network (ETTN) has created a new webpage, called "ETTN Industry Articles," to host articles written by the network's members and staff. The latest article, "Emerging Trend: Marketing With Dashboards," provides a quick example of how companies are incorporating dashboard technology into their business operations.

Read "Emerging Trend: Marketing With Dashboards."

Another item available through ETTN Industry Articles, titled "Emerging Trend: Ethanol at the Pump," provides a look at the current levels of ethanol currently being used in gasoline and the negative impact ethanol can have on specialty-equipment companies and enthusiasts.

Launched earlier in 2013, the mission of the ETTN is to identify, understand and communicate emerging trends and technologies to help members improve. The ETTN is open to all SEMA members and is free to join. The ETTN is an evolution of a previously existing group, the Street Performance Council (SPC).

For more information about the ETTN, contact Bryan Harrison.