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Spy Shots—The Next Ford Mustang Takes Shape


The shooters at KGP Photography received a covered-up look at the next Ford Mustang from a very unlikely source (their old spy photo nemesis Jim Dunne).

Yes, they're a little grainy and a bit murky, but the grizzled old veteran of the Detroit spy game has snapped what appears to be the first visual evidence that the Ford Mustang is now tip-toeing past the mule stage. It looks like the Mustang's production-spec body panels are beginning to flow in, and more complete prototypes are now being assembled. The day when full-fledged Mustang prototypes are running the streets of Detroit now seems near, instead of feeling like nothing more than a hopeful pipe dream. The new Mustang is nearly a reality.

So what can be learned from these photos? The car cover hides nearly all of the details, and this prototype appears to be missing its bumpers, but you can still get a look at the Mustang's classic musclecar profile. The prototype looks undisguised under all that canvas, yielding a look at a prominent lower side sill that helps ground the design (but the lack of bumpers hampers the ability to comment on its overall stance or its overhangs. The car cover—which is specially designed for driving the prototype while covered—has what appears to be mesh panels to allow the headlights and taillights to show through, at least a little bit. The spaces for the taillights look to be mounted very high toward the lip of the rear deck, for what that's worth. There also appears to be some sort of fender vent just aft of the front wheel.

When the fully-assembled, fully production-spec prototypes finally leave the confines of wherever these photos were taken, more information will become available about how the Mustang is shaping up. For now, after the long tease of cobbled-up mules running the roads, the next 'Stang is truly taking shape.


Photo credit: KGP Photography