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Spy Shots—2014 GMC Sierra Denali Fills Void Left by Cadillac Escalade EXT


The shooters at KGP Photography caught a prototype for the next GMC Sierra Denali in the middle of a test convoy full of the next-generation trucks. Amid all of the test trucks, two of the prototypes were still wearing some front-end camouflage, and behind it was a new grille treatment that looks completely consistent with the Sierra's top-end Denali trim. These shots prove that the Denali trim level will continue into the next-generation Sierras, offering a level of luxury perhaps even more important to some GM truck buyers with the pending cancellation of the Cadillac Escalade EXT pickup variants. Until GM confirms a future pickup for the Cadillac model range, this Denali will likely be the most luxurious truck offered throughout the GM brands.

The front grille shows an opening devoid of horizontal slats and made up entirely of a perforated, billet-style design. The grille looks like it's done in a matte finish on this prototype, but something fully chromed in its final showroom trim is expected.

The Denali's interior will likely improve on the materials used in standard GMC Sierras. Besides different badging, all of the exterior visual changes are expected to be found on the front fascia. The Denali prototype in these photos was clearly rocking Rancho shocks, adding something a bit more than showy chrome and leather to the Denali's option sheet.

While there are no specifics on the official debut of the ’14 GMC Sierra Denali, last year's New York Auto Show (NYAS) hosted the debut of the GMC Terrain Denali. So it wouldn't be surprising to see this Sierra Denali hit the 2013 NYAS in a couple weeks.


Photo Credit: KGP Photography