Spy Shots

Spy Shots—2015 Hyundai Genesis


The shooters at KGP Photography have gotten the best look yet at the ’15 Hyundai Genesis, revealing in detail the headlight and taillight designs, along with a clear, sharp look at the car's undisguised interior.

Since the current Genesis debuted just before the appearance of Hyundai's Fluidic Sculpture, this all-new model gets to take advantage of the more expressive, dramatic styling language. Hyundai's recently unveiled HCD-14 concept car was a suitably eye-catching concept at Detroit's North American International Auto Show, and elements of that show car can be seen in the prototype captured here. The new Genesis has an elegant profile, and the flanks are sculpted to provide a long, lean stance that has equal parts Audi and BMW. The headlights, in particular, will provide a tech-savvy edge to the face of the new Genesis sedan, which should help it continue to gain a foothold in the competitive luxury market dominated by BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Lexus. The taillight internals look to be works of art.

The HCD-14 concept had a radical, organically shaped interior design that flowed gracefully throughout the interior. The production reality revealed on this real-world prototype shows that the concept's interior was little more than a designer's flight of fancy. The ’15 Genesis will take very few aesthetic chances in coddling driver and passengers. The straight-laced interior doesn't, however, preclude Hyundai from offering some form of air-gesturing interface with the car's controls—which was the headline-grabbing element of the HCD-14 concept—so the shooters at KGP Photography will be on the lookout for engineers air-swiping their way through the radio stations.


Photo Credit: KGP Photography