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SEMA and UPS Partner to Protect Your Goods

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SEMA members are eligible for an array of discounts on UPS services, including a product that protects in-transit UPS shipments with coverage for loss, damage or delay.

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SEMA-member manufacturers and suppliers have financial needs that are seemingly as complex as a modern assembly plant. That’s why UPS and SEMA have partnered to offer special pricing or discounts to members on many of the most popular shipping and value-added services UPS provides.

UPS Capital, a UPS company, is focused on providing financial and insurance services to businesses that want to improve cash flow, protect goods and help speed the conversion of payments to cash.

As an added benefit, SEMA members are eligible for discounts on Flexible Parcel Insurance, a product that protects in-transit UPS shipments with coverage for loss, damage or delay, including time-sensitive and hard-to-value items normally ineligible for standard carrier-liability programs. SEMA members can also save money with UPS Capital Cargo Finance, which lets members use in-transit inventory as collateral to obtain working capital for their business. Companies no longer have to wait weeks or months to convert inventory into the cash needed to run and grow the business.

To take advantage of the special offers available for SEMA members, and learn more about how UPS Capital can help your business improve cash flow, accelerate and protect payments and protect your goods, call 877-820-2003 and mention that your company is a SEMA member.

To get started now and take advantage of all that UPS offers SEMA members, visit www.SEMA.org/UPS and login with your SEMA member credentials. Then click the “Sign Up and Save Today” button to access the UPS program enrollment website.