Protection Against Unofficial SEMA Show Solicitors

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To help protect each company's investment, the SEMA Show only contracts with and endorses the Official Service Contractors listed in the SEMA Show Exhibitor Manual.

By SEMA Staff

The SEMA Show management team works year-round creating programs and refining proven strategies to provide more opportunities for exhibitors to maximize their Show investment. In addition to updated business-building attractions and new-product exposure, much of the preparation begins with SEMA Show exhibitors deciding how best to spend their trade show dollars.

Over the years exhibitors have been periodically contacted by non-official contractors to offer them "better deals" on items and services at the SEMA Show. To help protect each company's investment, the SEMA Show only contracts with and endorses the Official Service Contractors listed in the SEMA Show Exhibitor Manual.

SEMA does not sell the exhibitor lists or contact information to anyone, and non-official contractors often use public information available on the Internet to acquire an exhibitor's contact information.

While not endorsed or tolerated, SEMA recognizes that exhibitors may be solicited by non-official contractors for services such as carpet, AV/computer equipment, exhibit design and installation, booth cleaning, floral, freight shipping, photography, security, and vehicle detailing.

SEMA has also been contacted by exhibitors who were solicited by companies claiming to be the official housing company for the SEMA Show. SEMA has contracted ONLY with the Travel Planners to be the official company for the SEMA Show. There have also been recent reports that a company with a very similar name has been contacting Show exhibitors under the guise of the SEMA Show's official housing company.

The following companies are NOT affiliated with the SEMA Show:

  • Book My Rooms LLC
  • Convention Housing Management
  • Convention Expo Travel
  • Elite Corporate Planners
  • Expo Housing
  • Global Housing Management (GHM Travel)
  • HDMC Group
  • IEP Group
  • International Events
  • Le Company LLC
  • TradeShow Housing
  • Wholesale Travel Planners

SEMA urges exhibitors to be vigilant if contacted by other companies implying or claiming to be an official housing provider of the SEMA Show, other than the Travel Planners. If you are solicited by the companies listed above or not sure if a business is affiliated with the SEMA Show, contact Marel Del Rio at

In addition to potential scams for housing and Show services, exhibitors are also encouraged to be aware of directory guide scams. Different companies selling listings in their “Exhibitors Directory or Fair Guides” have been actively soliciting exhibitors that participate at numerous trade shows throughout the country, including the SEMA Show. These companies typically make it appear that there is a connection between their “Guide” and the SEMA Show.

The company may imply that your business has engaged with their “Guide” before saying “update your pre‐registered listing in our exhibitors’ directory...” or “Updating is Free of Charge.” However, in the agreement in very small type is a binding agreement that automatically renews every year (some up to a three-year commitment charging $1,500–$5,000 each year).

Examples of the companies to be aware of include:

  • Fair Guide
  • Expo-Guide Mexico
  • World Business Guide – Madrid, Spain

For additional information on potential Show scams and what to be aware of, view the Solicitations Warning—Unauthorized Services section of the SEMA Show Exhibitor Manual. For more information or to inform SEMA of interaction with a company that may be a potential scam, contact Marel Del Rio at