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WD-40/SEMA Cares Foose ’53 Ford F-100 Raises $170K for Charities

The WD-40/SEMA Cares Foose ’53 Ford F-100 sold for $170,000 at Barrett-Jackson.

By SEMA Staff

WD-40 Co. and Chip Foose partnered again to build and auction a custom charity vehicle, and their efforts paid off—to the tune of $170,000—to help protect and care for children in need.

The WD-40/SEMA Cares Foose ’53 Ford F-100 pickup was auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, Friday, January 18, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Chip Foose, the legendary hot-rod designer and TV star who designed and built the custom pickup, was on hand to see the vehicle cross the auction block and receive the winning bid from Robert Wilson of Loveland, Colorado. With an updated drivetrain, suspension, wheels, tires and paint, the cream truck looks similar to the one used to deliver the first case of WD-40 Multi-Use Product back in the ’50s, when that company was called Rocket Chemical Co., but has a classic Foose style.

“It was a pleasure building a truck that commemorates one of the most iconic American products—one I’ve personally used in my shop more than any other tool,” said Foose. “I’m glad the truck went to an owner who really wanted it and am thrilled it’s going to help support those kids who really need it.”

This is the fourth consecutive year WD-40 Co. has partnered with SEMA Cares—SEMA's charity arm—to build a custom vehicle for a good cause. The company’s custom Camaro, Mustang and Challenger raised money for the same two SEMA Cares charities—Childhelp and Victory Junction—and all four vehicles, including the Ford F-100, have raised a combined total of more than $570,000 for those charities. Childhelp provides services to abused and neglected children, and Victory Junction provides life-changing camping experiences to special-needs and chronically ill children.

“What a way to kick off our 60th anniversary as a company,” said Tim Lesmeister, vice president of marketing for WD-40 Co. “We’re so grateful Chip’s hard work, along with that of our build partners, was recognized and that we were able to help make a difference through the great work of Childhelp and Victory Junction.”

Watch the footage of the WD-40/SEMA Cares Foose ’53 Ford F-100 pickup being sold.