2013 Media Trade Conference Hits Home Run; Jim Ryan Receives Robert E. Petersen Award

By Jim Skelly

Kurt Miller (right) accepted the 2012 Robert E. Petersen Award on behalf of Jim Ryan during last Tuesday evening's Media Reception at the Media Trade Conference.

A change in venue and implementation of new procedures and staffing contributed to another successful MPMC Media Trade Conference. Hotel and SEMA staff were placed at all the stairs and elevator landings to help media navigate their way around the new facility. Snacks, fruits and drinks were available at all four elevator lobbies during meeting hours so that media attendees and exhibitors alike could stay hydrated and full of energy. These procedural and venue changes, coupled with a record showing by media attendees, all combined to make this 16th and latest edition of the MPMC Media Trade Conference a “bar raiser.” A photo gallery will be posted on the MPMC website very soon.

Jim Ryan was voted the recipient of the 2012 Robert E. Petersen Award by the MPMC membership. The award is presented each year during the Tuesday evening Media Reception at the Media Trade Conference. Unfortunately, Ryan was under the weather and unable to attend the festivities. But his long-time friend and associate, Kurt Miller accepted the award on Ryan’s behalf.

Exhibitor registration for the 2014 event will open in mid-July, so MPMC members should mark their calendars.

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