SEMA Announces New Network for Manufacturers' Reps

Over the past year, the Manufacturers’ Representative Council (MRC) has been evaluating how to best deliver value to its membership and what structure could best influence the manufacturers' representatives industry as a whole.

After careful consideration and thought-provoking deliberation, council leadership ultimately made the decision to transition MRC from an agency-based membership model to an individual-based professional network—the Manufacturers' Representative Network (MRN).

A critical component to this decision was the ability to reach more professionals in our industry and, as a result, better address the challenges and opportunities confronting the professional rep industry. MRN’s vision statement is as follows:

MRN is a community of manufacturer agents that seek to promote the benefits and relevance of the profession. We will do this by:

  • Collaborating with all segments of the specialty-equipment market on the importance of our community.
  • Strengthening our community through engaging industry professionals.
  • Being a catalyst for communicating solutions impacting the industry and its segments.

Professional sales agencies are comprised of individuals who cover diverse products and territories. The ability to effectively influence change in the industry requires that SEMA increase the communication channel and better serve all those on the front lines. A network approach that focuses on building a community of influencers will best promote the value manufacturers' representatives bring to the distribution channel.  

To become a part of the network for professional agents and representatives, visit the Manufacturers' Representative Network and join today. Should you have any questions, contact Zane Clark at 909-978-6696.

“The Manufacturers' Representative Network is very excited about these changes and feels this will best serve, promote and elevate our industry,” said MRN Chairman Thomas Jourdan of True High Performance Sales.