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Tire Age No Longer a Reason for California Service Providers to Refuse Tire Pressure Checks

All California automobile service providers are required to check tire pressures for every vehicle being repaired at their facility as of September 2010. The law applies to auto maintenance/repair providers but not to auto parts distributers/retailers, auto body/paint facilities, auto glass installers or wreckers/dismantlers. California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that removes tire age as a reason to deny checking a vehicle’s tire pressure. The law recognizes that there is no national tire aging standard and therefore referencing tire age in a California regulation creates liability exposure to the service and repair industry.  

Under the law, service providers are required to inflate the tires to the recommended tire pressure rating using a gauge that is accurate within 2 psi. The service provider has the right to refuse to check the pressure if the tire is “unsafe” (example: excessive tread wear) or damaged (example: crack, bulge or ply separation). The provider must note on the invoice that the tire inflation service was completed and then keep a copy of the service invoice for at least three years. The customer may decline the check if the customer affirms that a check had already been done within the last 30 days, or they will have it checked within the next seven days. The rule applies to all vehicles weighing less than 10,000 lbs. 

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