Display Your Industry Pride With SEMA-Member Ribbons

Don't forget to pick up your SEMA-member ribbon during the 2012 SEMA Show at the Member Ribbon Bar located in the Las Vegas Convention Center's Association Center and Members Lounge. A limited-time benefit, exclusive only to SEMA and council members, these ribbons reveal your individuality and role as a SEMA member. Ribbons are designed for council members, SEMA new members and SEMA veteran members. These ribbons give you access to the SEMA Members Lounge, help identify which councils you are associated with, and support networking opportunities at SEMA events and on the Show floor.

Visit the Association Center, located in the Grand Lobby, and the Members Lounge, located on the upper level of the Grand Lobby (N251), to pick up your limited-edition SEMA-member ribbons. If you would like to learn more about SEMA membership or join a specific council, stop by the Association Center Tuesday, October 30–Friday, November 2. We look forward to seeing you represent your unique member ribbons at the SEMA Show.