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Exhibitor Update: Upcoming SEMA Show Deadlines

Refer to the SEMA Show's Deadline Checklist so you don't miss out on important dates.

Below are deadlines that will be passing over the next couple of weeks:

Sponsorship Materials Due
  September 28
Student Program Application (Interns)
  September 28 
Lead Retrieval Rental (Advance Rate) 
  October 1
Cable Order (Advance Rate) - Smart City
  October 5
Booth Security Guard Service (Advance Rate)
  October 5
Internet/Telephone Order (Advance Rate)
  October 5
New Products Entry (Advance Rate) 
  October 5
Members Lounge Conference Room Reservation
  October 5
Project Vehicle Builders
  October 5
Rental Exhibit Order (Advance Rate) – Freeman
  October 5
Changing Your Target Time – Freeman
  October 5

A complete list of all upcoming deadlines can be found in the Deadline Checklist, located online in the Exhibitor Manual. There will be several deadlines hitting over the next couple of weeks, so continuously reference the Deadline Checklist while you are planning to receive the Advance Rates, when available, or capitalize on all the marketing opportunities offered by SEMA, many of which are free.

Entered Ideas Alive? New Products and Featured Products Program Offers Maximum Exposure!

You must be entered in this program. First entry is free! Buyers and media hang out in this section because they are looking for the latest and greatest products. Don’t miss this opportunity. It is important to have products in the New Products Showcase if you really want to give your business maximum exposure.

Cheap Alternative Offered for Cleaning Your Booth

Still looking for a cheap alternative for cleaning your booth on a nightly basis? SEMA has purchased a limited quantity of portable vacuum cleaners that you can purchase from Show Management at a low price of only $65 and there are a few still available. You can pick them up at the Show in the Show Office, and save money each day of the Show by simply vacuuming your booth yourself each night after the Show closes. If interested, please contact Tricia Hanisko at 702-216-5865 or by email at Quantity is limited so call soon if you are interested.

Make Sure You Know When Your Freight Should be Arriving at the SEMA Show

Deadline: October 5, 2012 (to change your target time)

Each exhibitor is assigned a target time, which is the time for your freight to arrive at the SEMA Show. You can find all target times in the bottom left corner of the Exhibitor Manual page on Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding freight delivery and when/how your freight should come to the Las Vegas Convention Center is answered by clicking on the informational sheet, which is the last link located on the left column of the Exhibitor Manual. If the time assigned does not work for you, please don’t hesitate to contact Ron Pickens at Freeman by e-mail at He will use his best efforts to accommodate your requests.  

Are You a First-Time Exhibitor or is This the First Time You are in Charge of Your Company’s SEMA Show Experience?

In order to assist first-timers, or even those who want to ensure they have completed everything they need for the upcoming Show, we have created a First-Timer Quick Sheet with those items most frequently rented, along with their pricing. You can review the form at your leisure and ensure everything is completed before any important deadline. Of course, if you have any questions or need anything further regarding these items or any others, feel free to contact Show Management at 702-216-5836, or by e-mail at If you have specific questions for Freeman, please feel free to contact Freeman Exhibitor Service Department at 702-407-4696.

Not sure what comes with your booth? Check out not only what is included in your booth package, but also find out what color carpet and drapes will be surrounding your booth. All this and more can be found in the Exhibitor Manual at

Are You a United States Citizen and Travel Overseas? SEMA Announces a New Opportunity to Make Your Traveling Easier

Deadline: October 22

SEMA is partnering with the United States Custom and Border Protection (CBP) to offer onsite interviews for those desiring to join their Global Entry Trusted Traveler Program. More details are in today’s issue of SEMA eNews. You can begin the process by completing the online application. The CBP will contact you after receipt of the application and payment of the $100 processing fee, and will schedule a follow-up interview with you in the Show Office at the SEMA Show. For more information, please visit

Is a Third-Party Providing You Services at the Show? Make Sure They Complete All EAC Requirements to Avoid Delay or Extra Costs

Deadline: October 12

An Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor (EAC), is a third-party contractor performing services to an exhibitor. Contractors subject to the EAC Rules are any companies and/or individuals that provide services to SEMA exhibitors, including, but not limited to, an installation and dismantling company, exhibit builder, sound and lighting company, detailer or any person or company providing direct services other than the official contractors listed in the Exhibitor Manual.  EAC’s must conform to the EAC Rules of the SEMA Show and complete the application by the October 12 deadline. Questions? contact Donna Lawson at 702-450-7662, ext.100 or e-mail