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Pitch Your Products Now for a Chance to Reach the Canadian Market

The Canadian Tire Combustion Chamber is offering automotive specialty-parts industry professionals a chance to pitch their latest, most innovative products and programs geared towards automotive enthusiasts to Canada’s automotive authority. Selected companies will have an opportunity to get their products in the hands of Canadian consumers across the country at Canadian Tire's 570 national retail outlets (Canadian Tire, Gas+ and PartSource) during the 2013 gifting seasons. They will also be given the opportunity to have their products showcased in the Canadian Tire flyer and on

Selected candidates will receive an invitation the week of October 1, 2012, to pitch their ideas before a live panel Sunday, October 28, 2012, or Monday, October 29, in Las Vegas. A product sample is required.

Register by September 19, 2012. If you have any questions about the program, send your questions to

Below is a list of categories that are currently sourced; however, new categories that are not listed may be considered:

All Season Tires   Car Communications  
  CV Shaft and Components  
  Motorcycle Parts/Maintenance 
Touring Tires
  In Car Video  
  Transmission Components
  Powersport Helmets    
Auto 12V and Accessories
  Distributor Caps and Rotors 
  Powersports Special Order 
Auto Exterior Accessories
  Ignition Wires  
  Snowmobile Accessories 
Auto Interior Accessories 
  Satellite Radio
  Performance Parts 
  Snowmobile Parts/Maintenance 
Auto Memorabilia
  Starters and Alarms
  Pressure Washer Accessories
Auto Mirrors
  Air Filters 
  Emissions Control 
  Pressure Washers 
Automotive Mats
  Oil Filters
  Exhaust Pipes     
  Chainsaw Oil/Lube
Car Organization 
  Other Filters
  Exhaust Repair      
  Grease and Lubricants
Car Safety and Security
  Auto Maintenance Repair Adhesives     
  Marine Oil/Lube  
Automotive Batteries 
  Auto Parts Cleaners and Degreasers
  Engine Repair
  Powersports Oil and Lubricants 
Other-Motive Batteries
  Brake Fluid & Cleaners  
  Fuel Systems
  Transmission and Application Specific Oil
Battery Charging and Boosting
  Coolant and Accessories
  Alternator and Starter Parts 
Battery Maintenance and Repair
  Engine Oil Treatments  
  Pigtails, Sockets and Switches 
Auto Body Repair and Fillers 
  Hand Cleaning 
  Auto Electrical Repair  
Auto Paint 
  Multi-Purpose Lube and Penetrants
  Auto Mirror Replacement  
  Entry Chassis
Auto Protectant  
  Power Steering Fluids and Winter Chemicals
  Auto Repair 
  Power Steering
Auto Surface Prep  
  Speciality Chemicals  
  General Auto Repair 
  Premium Chassis
Auto Tools and Accessories
  Windshield Washer Fluid 
  Light Truck Tires  
  Shocks and Struts 
Auto Weather Stripping   
  Cabin Temperature Control   
  Commercial Bulk Oil
  Shocks and Struts Accessories 
Auto Interior and Exterior Detailing   
  Drive Belts  
  Conventional Oil 
  Tarps and Cords
Auto Wash and Dry
  Engine Cooling    
  Diesel Oil and Lubricants
  Truck Accessories
Auto Wax and Polish
  Auto Coverings and Winter Accessories    
  High Mileage Oil 
  Automotive OEM Wheels 
Wheel and Tire Care 
  Portable Garages  
  Oil Change Accessories
  Automotive Tire Service Needs  
Auto Child Safety and Accessories
  General Auto Repair, Tire Tools and Access
  Synthetic Oil 
  Wheel Accessories  
Car Air Fresheners
  Auto Carriers And Accessories   
  Performance Tires 
  Winter Tires
Car Heating  
  General Towing Accessories 
  Powersport Vehicles
  Accessory Lighting
Comfortable Car 
  Brake Fiction
  ATV Accessories
  Halogen Capsules 
Seat Covers
  Brake Friction (Ps)   
  ATV Parts/Maintenance
  Mini Bulbs 
Auto Safety Electronics 
  Brake Repair  
  Auto Recreational Vehicle Products
  Wiper Blades and Accessories
Car Audio  
  Brake Rotors and Drums   
  Motorcycle Accessories