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Exhibitor Update: Upcoming SEMA Show Deadlines

  Hanging Sign Design Notifications must be submitted by September 7.

Labor Day has passed, which means we are now in the heart of SEMA Show planning season. Below are those deadlines that will be passing over the next few weeks:

Exhibit Space Design Notification
September 7
Hanging Sign Design Notification
September 7
Show Directory Advertising Materials
September 7
PR Company Contact Information
September 14
Exhibitor Registration
(International to receive badges in the mail)
September 21
Feature Vehicle Display Application
September 21

A complete list of all upcoming deadlines can be found in the Deadline Checklist, located online in the Exhibitor Manual.

Is Your Booth 400 net sq.-ft. or Larger?

  Travel Planners is the SEMA Show's official housing bureau.

Deadline: September 7

If your booth is 400 sq.-ft. or larger, you must send an Exhibit Space Design Notification and an exhibit floorplan to Show management. This can be hand drawn with basic booth components, including hanging sign components, display fixture sizes and vehicle placements. The online form provides an opportunity to attach documents, and the form will only take a few minutes to complete. If you have any questions regarding the exhibit design notification, please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Pressman at or call 702-216-5834.

Are You Hanging a Sign Above Your Booth?

Deadline: September 7

Exhibitors who have a hanging sign in their booth must complete the Hanging Sign Design Notification by September 7. It must include the height and width of the sign, the number of sides, exact location of where it will be hung over the booth and sign graphics located on the sign. The online form provides an opportunity to attach documents, and the form will only take a few minutes to complete. Please complete the form, which is located on the Exhibitor Manual no later than September 7. If you have any questions regarding your hanging sign, please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Pressman at or call 702-216-5834.

Take Advantage of a Free Opportunity to Promote Your Brand Globally

Deadline: September 8

SEMA Show exhibitors looking to export should sign up for a free listing in the 2012 SEMA International Buyers’ Guide. Promote your company in this directory, which is provided to all international buyers at the 2012 SEMA Show and year-round at major overseas trade shows. The deadline to secure your complimentary company listing is September 8. This benefit is available only to 2012 SEMA Show exhibitors. For more information, contact Linda Spencer at

Promote Your Company’s Products on a Feature Vehicle

Deadline: September 21

Don’t be shut out of one of SEMA’s most visible promotional opportunities. Submit your Feature Vehicle Application online or by going to the Exhibitor Manual and finding all information regarding feature vehicles in a section on the left column. Vehicles must be unique and aligned with the industry. Feature vehicle check-in takes place Sunday, October 28. Select your check-in time when you sign up online. Vehicles are placed as they are checked in. More information is available in the Exhibitor Manual. Questions? E-mail

Book Your Hotel Rooms Before They Sell Out!

While many companies assure you of the best rates possible, booking directly through SEMA’s housing bureau (Travel Planners) ensures you a rate always better than what the hotel offers direct. Travel Planners will provide you with customer service throughout the year and upon your arrival in Las Vegas. For exhibitors and large groups, Travel Planners provides an easy-to-use site where rooming lists and itinerary changes can be handled with just the click of a button. Everything can be done online by you. While many early-bird rates have expired, there are still great rooms available at discount prices. You can book your housing now by clicking on the Housing/Lodging page at If you have any questions regarding housing for the upcoming SEMA Show, please contact Travel Planners at 800-221-3531 or 212-532-1660.

Is a Third-Party Providing You Services at the Show? Complete All EAC Requirements to Avoid Delay or Extra Costs

Deadline: October 12

An Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor (EAC) is a third-party contractor performing services for an exhibitor. Contractors subject to the EAC rules are any companies and/or individuals that provide services to SEMA exhibitors, including, but not limited to, an installation and dismantling company, exhibit builder, sound and lighting company, detailer or any person or company providing direct services other than the official contractors listed in the Exhibitor Manual. EACs must conform to the EAC rules of the SEMA Show and complete the application by the October 12 deadline. Questions? Contact Donna Lawson at 702-450-7662, ext. 100 or e-mail