Numerous SEMA Show Deadlines Approaching

With just 65 days left until Show time, a number of deadlines loom over the next few weeks.

With less than 65 days left until the SEMA Show, it is already time for many important deadlines for SEMA Show planning. Below are those deadlines that will be passing over the next few weeks:

Celebrity Appearance Notification
  August 31
Exhibitor Product Training Sessions (to be included in printed material)   August 31
Media Conference Application
  August 31
Show Directory Listing Information
  August 31
Show Directory Advertising Space Reservations
  August 31
Exhibit Space Design Notification
  September 7
Hanging Sign Design Notification
  September 7
Show Directory Advertising Materials
  September 7
PR Company Contact Information   September 14 

A complete list of all upcoming deadlines can be found in the Deadline Checklist, located online in the Exhibitor Manual.

Exhibitor Registration: Ensure Your Staff Is Registered for Their Badges

Register for your exhibitor badges today! Complimentary badges are available to exhibitors based on the size of their booth. Additional badges required over the allocated amount are $25 per badge. Unique individual e-mail addresses are required to complete registration for booth personnel. In order to receive a badge, each registrant is required to confirm their e-mail address when they receive their confirmation. If the e-mail is not confirmed prior to the badge mailing, the badges may be held for pick-up at the Show.

If you did not receive your exhibitor registration password via e-mail, please contact customer service at or call 702-216-5836. Remember, the password is nine numbers (the first two are zeros) followed by the letter "O."

New this year: If you have to register more than 10 people, there is a new way to register all your staff in four easy steps!

  • Click on "Upload a File" on your dash.
  • Download the excel file.
  • Save the file to your desktop.
  • Upload the completed list.

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call 866-229-3687.

Confirm Your Directory Listing Is Correct Before It Goes to Print!

Deadline: August 31, 2012

SEMA sent reminder e-mails to each exhibit contact, Tuesday, August 27, providing specific log-in information and instructions for modifying your company’s listing in the printed SEMA Show Directory and the online listing on The information for your SEMA Show Directory listing was taken from your Exhibit Space Rental Agreement submission. This information populates your online listing and printed SEMA Show Directory listing. The deadline for changes to appear in the printed SEMA Show Directory is Friday, August 31. After this date, you will only be able to change your online listing. If you have difficulty with any of the procedures or did not receive the e-mail from SEMA on August 27, please contact Marel Del Rio at or 909-978-6740.

Ideas Alive: Featuring the New Products Showcase

Deadline: October 5

Does your company have a new product? Does your company have a product, regardless of how long it has been in the market, to highlight and display in a new section of the Ideas Alive showcase entitled, “Featured Products?” Take advantage of this free marketing opportunity by entering your product in the New Products Showcase. Your first product entry is free! Enter your product online. Have questions? E-mail or call 702-216-5844.

Cheap Alternative Offered for Cleaning Your Booth

Looking for a cheap alternative for cleaning your booth on a nightly basis? SEMA has purchased a limited quantity of portable vacuum cleaners that you can purchase from Show management for $65. You can pick them up at the Show in the Show office, and save money each day of the Show by simply vacuuming your booth yourself each night after the Show closes. If interested, please contact Tricia Hanisko at 702-216-5865 or by e-mail at Quantities are limited, so call soon if you are interested.

Be Cautious of Vendors Soliciting Your Business

We understand non-official contractors are contacting you offering “better deals” on items and services at the SEMA Show, especially when it comes to hotel rooms. Please know that the SEMA Show only contracts with and endorses the Official Service Contractors listed in the Exhibitor Manual. These contractors are held accountable to provide the best possible customer service and ensure consistent and negotiated rates to all exhibitors at the SEMA Show. SEMA and SEMA’s Show management do not sell exhibitor lists or give contact information to anyone whatsoever. Companies oftentimes use public information available on the Internet to acquire exhibitors’ contact information. SEMA only provides an exhibitor list to our official service contractors to inform your company about services they provide at the SEMA Show, and limit each of them to any communications they can make to you directly. You can find more information regarding this matter in the Solicitations Warning section of the Exhibitor Manual.

Discounted Tickets for the Monorail Available for SEMA Show Attendees

Looking for an alternative form of transportation to get to the SEMA Show while in Las Vegas? The Las Vegas Monorail avoids the traffic of the city streets and drops you right off at the front door of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Stops along the Strip include the MGM Grand, Paris/Ballys, Flamingo, Imperial Palace, Harrah’s and extends all the way to Las Vegas Hotel. SEMA has partnered once again with the Las Vegas Monorail to provide discounted fares on multi-day passes if you purchase the tickets in advance.

Official Contractor Spotlight – Detailer

SEMA has entered into a new partnership with Mobile Command Detail—a company with vast experience in show car detailing services. While this is their first SEMA Show, this is not their first time undertaking large projects. Mobile Command Detail is part of the Air Force One detail crew and the Barrett-Jackson auction detailing crew. They will be ready to provide whatever service is needed, whether it is from washes to carpet stains and full paint correction. You can find pricing information in the Exhibitor Manual in their particular form and on their own website at You may also contact them directly by e-mail at or you can talk to Diana directly by texting or calling 702-588-8588.