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Exhibitors: Take Advantage of These Helpful SEMA Show Resources

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There are many resources available to ensure that SEMA Show exhibitors have a successful Show.

There are many resources available to SEMA Show exhibitors to ensure their Show experience goes off without a hitch. From the 2012 SEMA International Buyers' Guide to the Deadlines Checklist, and Intellectual Property Rights services to official contractors for your shipping needs, you'll want to take advantage of these offers.

Your Guide to the SEMA Show – The Online Exhibitor Manual

On the SEMA Show website is a particular page called the "Exhibitor Manual," which houses all the necessary forms and information for each exhibitor to have a successful Show. This year’s Exhibitor Manual provides much greater navigation capabilities and content to help you plan for the upcoming Show. Please note that the link to the “Exhibitor Manual” is located at the bottom of the page in the box entitled “Exhibitors” and, at the top, if you click on “Exhibitors,” and then “Exhibitor Manual” in the drop-down list about halfway down.  

When navigating the Exhibitor Manual, the first stop should always be the top left box entitled “About the Show.” In that box is the basic information and helpful resources for understanding the initial steps for planning your SEMA Show experience. Listed in the left-hand column is not only information and guidelines, but also forms and links to additional marketing opportunities, many of which are at no charge, as well as hotel reservations and target times. In the right-hand column are many of the forms necessary to order services from the SEMA Show’s official contractors.

If there is any information you need but can’t locate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the individuals in the Contact Information form, located in the “About the Show” box.

International Buyers Guide

Can international buyers find you at the SEMA Show and year round? Don’t miss this opportunity to promote your company for free! Sign up for a free listing in the 2012 SEMA International Buyers' Guide using the link located under the "Marketing" tab in the Exhibitor Manual. This export directory will be distributed to international buyers at the 2012 SEMA Show and year-round at major overseas trade shows. This benefit is available only to 2012 SEMA Show exhibitors. For more information, contact Linda Spencer at lindas@sema.org.

Deadlines Checklist

One of the most important elements of the Exhibitor Manual, and in your planning for the SEMA Show, is the Deadlines Checklist. This one-page pdf document will provide you with all the important dates to have everything ordered for your booth and to ensure the lowest prices possible. Please print this page and have it readily available and posted on your desktop so you can reference it throughout the year. The first set of deadlines are only two weeks away, so don’t wait too long to start planning!

Intellectual Property Rights

Every effort will be made to eliminate product conflicts and protect those who have legal rights to the products involved. With that in mind, SEMA Show Management is available to respond to any issues or anticipated concerns you may have, both pre-Show and onsite at the Show. Please note that once you suspect another company has copied your product or has infringed on your legal rights, you must report the suspicion to Show management before taking action yourself on the Show floor. It is also extremely important that you bring any and all paperwork with you to the Show, which asserts your intellectual property rights (i.e., government-issued trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.).

You can contact Jeff Pressman of SEMA Show management either by e-mail at jpressman@convexx.com or telephone at 702-216-5834. Onsite, SEMA also provides an intellectual property attorney who will be available beginning Monday, October 29, for consultation in the Show management office. Specific procedures and rules for the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights are available in the Exhibitor Manual.  

Official Contractor Spotlight – Production Resource Group (PRG)

Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) is the official 2012 SEMA Show audiovisual service provider once again in 2012. As a global company focused on entertainment technology for trade shows, events and major broadcast endeavors, PRG's Automotive Services Division primarily focuses on auto shows, both in the United States and throughout Europe, establishing PRG as a leader in technology services for automotive events. 

PRG is offering new packages for 2012 SEMA Show exhibitors and substantial early-order discounts for those organizations already in the planning stages for this year's event. PRG's SEMA Show Special Packages include Display Packages beginning at $1,092. Equipment rentals also encompass laptops and accessories, projectors and screens, microphones and sound systems, and video displays and accessories, including high-definition systems. 

In addition to the standard early-order discounts, exhibitors have the option to save an additional 10% using code "PRGVIP" online or including it as the coupon code on paper ordering. Please use Show code "SEMA2012019" when ordering online. You can find more information on PRG’s capabilities and specific pricing in the SEMA Show online Exhibitor Manual.  

Official Contractor Spotlight – Kuehne + Nagel (Shipping Needs)

SEMA has once again aligned itself with one of the world’s leading logistics providers—Kuehne + Nagel (KN)—to help exhibitors prepare for the upcoming SEMA Show. Founded in 1890, the Kuehne + Nagel worldwide network of more than 1,000 offices provides shipping by ocean freight, air freight and domestic trucking and also provides customs clearance services. No matter where your goods are coming from around the country or world, there is a KN office nearby ready to provide shipping services.  

A very experienced team, with years of working the SEMA Show, is the backbone of KN that provides SEMA exhibitors with personalized service. The same staff you e-mail and talk to by phone before and after are actually the KN reps in Las Vegas during the Show. For information and shipping rates, you can find information in the Exhibitor Manual or contact Armin Zertor directly at either 310-213-4347 or armin.zertor@kuehne-nagel.com.  

Kuehne + Nagel has both the resources, expertise and powerful technology to provide a highly competitive edge in automotive logistics across the globe for not only your tradeshow needs, but also all logistic and supply chain solutions of your business. Their automotive service supports the entire product lifecycle of a vehicle. For further insight into the unique automotive programs offered by KN, go to www.kn-portal.com/industry/automotive/.