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Register Now to Participate in the HiLux Measuring Sessions

The 4x4 double-cab HiLux being made available to members is pictured in Dubai right before it was shipped to the United States. The first measuring session will take place July 31 and August 1 at SEMA Headquarters.

SEMA is importing the Toyota HiLux 4x4 double cab to the United States as part of a new program to provide SEMA members access to vehicles that are popular overseas but not sold in the United States. With sales of nearly 14 million units in 135 countries worldwide since its introduction, the HiLux is the ideal vehicle for companies looking to prototype new products to enter markets overseas. The HiLux is a top-selling vehicle in key countries/regions, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, Central America and the Middle East. Manufacturing companies interested in gathering measurements and specs needed to create products for the popular truck model are encouraged to attend one of the following sessions:

  • July 31 – SEMA Headquarters in Diamond Bar, California
  • August 1 – SEMA Headquarters in Diamond Bar, California
  • August 14 – Link Engineering Facility in Dearborn, Michigan
  • August 22 – Clemson University in Greenville, South Carolina

The program is made possible by a Department of Commerce Market Development Cooperator Program grant from the U.S. government, which is working in partnership with SEMA to identify and create export opportunities for SEMA members.

Register now to participate in one of the four ’12 Toyota HiLux Measuring Sessions.