Manufacturers Prepare for the Release of Scion's New FR-S

  future vehicles, Scion FRS
  Scion considers its upcoming FR-S a sport coupe for driving enthusiasts. Several specialty-equipment manufacturers got hands-on with the new vehicle during last week's SEMA Scion FR-S Measuring Session. 
  future vehicles, Scion FRS
  Representatives from Airaid used different tools and scanners to gather engine data.
  future vehicles, Scion FRS

Yehoram Hofman of Hofman Design uses his time with the car to measure hood clearance and to see what Scion is using to drive the FR-S.


Dozens of manufacturers got their hands on Scion's new FR-S during last week's SEMA Scion FR-S Measuring Session at Toyota's headquarters in Torrance, California. With two FR-S models on racks, and additional models available for interior and underhood measurements, manufacturers broke out tapes and scanners to grab the data and specs needed to get parts ready for a vehicle that is sure to be custom-friendly to aftermarket enthusiasts.

"As a brand, Scion has been a valuable partner to SEMA and its Tech Transfer Program, and has released several models that have sparked the imagination of enthusiasts and customizers across the country," said Bill Wolf, SEMA senior director of OEM relations. "With the release of the FR-S, Scion's appeal to the aftermarket remains, and I'm positive that the specialty-equipment community will provide additional flavor to the new car."

The SEMA Tech Transfer program grants SEMA manufacturing members access to vehicle CAD files provided directly from participating OEMs. The intent of the program is to help streamline production by minimizing or completely eliminating the necessity for reverse engineering. Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Scion are currently participating in the program. SEMA Measuring Sessions and Tech Transfer Program are functions of SEMA's OEM department.

In addition to access to upcoming vehicles, SEMA Measuring Session participants can also ask questions of the participating OEM staff to learn more about the vehicles, the automaker's marketing plans, the intended audience and more. For the FR-S session, Scion Accessory Operations Manager
 Korey Tsuno was on hand.

"FR-S is a vehicle that brings the sport back to the car and is the perfect fit for driving enthusiasts," said Tsuno.

With a release date of late spring, Tsuno expects to see an array of aftermarket products available, some of which were hinted at during the measuring session.

"It never ceases to amaze me how quickly aftermarket manufacturers can identify new-product opportunities," continued Tsuno. "For the FR-S, companies were pretty specific—cold air intake, chassis and suspension products and, of course, wheels and tires."

However, Tsuno feels the sessions themselves are also valuable just for getting a feel of the aftermarket's initial impression of a car.

"I keep my ears open to hear what companies think of the styling, what's under the hood and other aspects of a vehicle's design," he shared. "In fact, I had a great conversation about the FR-S and its potential with one of the clutch manufacturers who attended the session simply to view the car."

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The next SEMA Measuring Session features the 2013 Mazda CX-5, the 155hp, five-passenger SUV. The event takes place March 28, at Mazda's North American Operations in Irvine, California.

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