What Has SEMA Done for You Lately?

Stay in Tune With the Pulse of Street Performance—Join the Cause

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SEMA encourages all member companies that create, sell and promote street performance products to get involved and join the Street Performance Council (SPC)—a group of companies dedicated to promote the growth of the street performance market. Joining this community of industry trendsetters, entitles members to several distinct benefits, including:

  aftermarket news
  Visit www.sema.org/spc to learn more about the Street Performance Council and begin to take advantage of this opportunity to network with other industry-leading companies. 

Educational Opportunities: As a member of SPC, you have direct access to many powerful educational tools developed by the council to address the challenges, opportunities and trends of the street performance segment. Available through the SEMA Education Institute, these sessions have been archived for SPC members to access. 

Networking: Throughout the year, the SPC offers one-on-one networking opportunities for members to speak with the top manufacturers, distributors, retailers and tuners in the street performance segment. Throughout the year, the SPC provides the environment necessary to have the conversations that can facilitate the growth of your career, company and industry. As a council member, you'll be on the guest list for private SPC-sponsored events, industry-only receptions at the SEMA Show, as well as virtual meetings held online using social networking sites.   

Recognition: The SPC provides special recognition to those members who have proven to be tremendous leaders in the industry, while creating a forum for upcoming talent to share their opinions.  Members are encouraged to write council- and industry-specific news pieces to be published and distributed to a targeted audience of more than 100,000 auto industry professionals through SEMA eNews. In addition, the SPC recognizes members who have volunteered their personal and professional time to the market segment with a range of prestigious industry awards at the annual SEMA Show.

The SPC is open to all SEMA members. Visit www.sema.org/spc to take advantage of this opportunity to network with other industry-leading companies.