Last Call to Update Your Company Info for the 2012 Membership Directory
  Update your company records through the website to ensure that your company's listing is correct for the 2012 SEMA Membership Directory.

Attention SEMA members: The May issue of SEMA News will include the 2012 SEMA Membership Directory. Members are encouraged to review and update their company and staff information now for accuracy.

In order for an accurate company listing to be included on the website and in the 2012 SEMA Membership Directory, companies that need to update their records must do so by Friday, February 3, 2012.

If your company is a SEMA member, access your company’s MySEMA profile. If updates are needed and you are not the primary contact for SEMA-related business, notify the person(s) listed on the bottom right of your company’s profile page under Company Contact. The person(s) listed as Company Contact will have the ability to log in and make the corrections to your company’s profile.

Special note for company descriptions: Please do not exceed 400 characters, including spaces, and do not use bullet points or special characters. 

If you have questions about your membership or need assistance updating your company's information, e-mail or call 909-610-2030.