A Special Invitation to Wheel and Tire Professionals

The SEMA Wheel & Tire Council (WTC) welcomes all wheel and tire professionals and is currently accepting new members. Along with the benefit of joining a community of industry leaders, membership in the WTC offers several distinct advantages:

Wheel Installation Guide:
The WTC has assembled guidelines for safely working with wheels and tires. Bolt-pattern and torque specs are provided in the form of a handy shop poster—a great business resource in the installation area. New members receive four copies of the guide poster.

Learning Opportunities: The WTC has developed an educational track that focuses on wheel fundamentals and sales. The courses are offered as part of the SEMA Educational Institute; these courses are open to all WTC members.

Wheel Standards:
WTC members provide input and guidance as members of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards committee, working to maintain J2530 standards as a standalone voluntary testing standard. By interacting directly with the SAE and other leading industry organizations, WTC members have a chance to advance the wheel and tire segment for the good of all.

Business Partnerships: The WTC works closely with the Tire Industry Alliance (TIA) and maintains a sitting position on the council for TIA representation.  In addition, WTC members are provided exclusive networking opportunities and work cooperatively with industry leading manufacturers, retailers, WDs and service providers in both private and public forums. These invaluable interactions will help you expand your industry contacts and gain better insight into the challenges and opportunities confronting the wheel and tire segment of the specialty-equipment industry.

The WTC is open to all SEMA members working in the wheel and tire segment. To take advantage of this opportunity to network with other industry leaders, get started through SEMA's Council & Committee webpage.