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Board Restructure Approved by SEMA Members

After 120 days of voting, SEMA members approved a motion to amend the association bylaws to authorize, among other changes, a smaller Board of Directors. The vote concluded January 11, with more than 94% of voting SEMA companies registering their approval.

The affirmative vote will enable the following changes:
  • Reduce the number of Board seats from the current 22 to 10, with flexibility to allow future addition of two seats at the Board’s discretion (one each in Manufacturer and Distributor/Retailer categories). The Board will continue to be led by four officer seats, for a total of 14 Board members.
  • Create a new Board seat for “Services”—a member segment currently blended into the Distributor/Retailer category.
  • Board-member terms will be amended from three, two-year terms to two, three-year terms.  
  • Each SEMA member will now have the opportunity to cast votes for Board candidates in all categories (currently each member can vote for candidates in only the member’s category, i.e. manufacturer).  
Moving to enact these changes, the Board has developed a process to transition to a smaller Board by means of a three-year election cycle, taking into account the need to continuously maintain a balanced Board. That process will begin with the 2012 Board elections and be reflected in the upcoming round of voting for new Board members.  

“These changes will enable the Board to be more effective and encourage more participation by member companies,” said Scooter Brothers, chairman of the Board. “On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank the membership for weighing in on this important decision. The significant turnout indicates that SEMA-member companies are thoughtful and active participants in the industry and association activities, and for that we are exceedingly grateful.”

For a more complete review of the proposal and details about what bylaws will change, members may visit