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Spy Shots—BMW's i8 Hybrid Supercar Takes Production Shape

BMW i8

Brenda Priddy's team of spy shooters caught a near clone of the BMW i8 Frankfurt Motor Show Concept: Vision EfficientDynamics taking a test spin in the snow in northern Sweden. While those shots were considered stunning, they were also much more concept than production.

Now, Priddy's team delivered the real thing: a pre-production i8 taking a stroll behind a chain-link fence.

Here is how Priddy's shooter in Europe describes the catch:

The machine you see will be the reigning monarch of the Bavarian automaker's new sub-brand, i, once it debuts.

Based on the Vision EfficientDynamics concept that starred at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the vehicle is said to pack 2+2 seating and a 0–100 km/h time in the 4.8-second range, along with a supercar price tag. Look to fork around 150,000 euros when this beastie touches down.

There's been some indication that BMW will forgo the thrifty diesel engine of the concept in favor of a turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline unit to work in coordination with a hybrid system. While that's bad news for diesel fans, the fact that BMW is gearing the platform toward gasoline means that this vehicle will more than likely be very powerful. With its lightweight structure and the plug-in hybrid, it will remain a very fuel-efficient car.

BMW i8 Hybrid