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Spy Shots—L.A. Auto Show: Land Rover Scoop


The spy shooters at Brenda Priddy & Co. tell us that it's bad enough when they capture prototypes, but automakers really hate it when the team ambushes a press photoshoot. That's exactly what Priddy's crew did last week near sunset when they caught Land Rover's L.A. Auto Show concepts.

Although Land Rover has already shown the DC100 in both hardtop and open-air versions, they've been very open about their plans for tweaking and modifying the vehicles for their debut here in the United States—and the shooter caught them sitting pretty on a local beach awaiting the perfect California sunset.

It appears the hardtop version gets a few more updates, starting off with a nearly FJ Cruiser-blue paint job, while keeping the white roof. A combination roof rack, light bar and snorkel were added, matching the vehicle's trim. Also, easy to spot are new wheels and tires. Putting everything together definitely gives the DC100 more of a California beach feel, but they saved the surfboard rack for the open-air version.

Fewer changes were made to the open-air concept, but the addition of a surfboard rack and a “roof” box for wetsuits will likely go over very well with auto show visitors.


Photo Credit: Mike Gardner for Brenda Priddy & Co.