Custom Dodge Charger and Avenger Auctioned on eBay


Hurst, Street Scene Equipment, Dodge and SEMA teamed up to build a pair of custom Dodges—a Charger sedan and an Avenger coupe—to benefit the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Charger sold for $45,001, and the Avenger brought in $21,605. Both sums will benefit the fund.


Hurst, Street Scene Equipment, Dodge and SEMA teamed up to build a custom Dodge Charger and Dodge Avenger. Both vehicles were auctioned on eBay and funds will benefit the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund (SMSF). The Charger sold for $45,001, while the Avenger sold for $21,605.

Each year, the SMSF distributes between $100,000 and $150,000 in scholarships to deserving students who plan to pursue careers in the automotive industry. The distributions include awards for vocational schools and two-year, four-year and post-graduate work, with a percentage designated for the families of employees of SEMA-member companies. There is also a Loan Forgiveness Program to help repay student loans for employees of SEMA-member firms. This year, two eBay auctions contributed record-breaking awards to the SMSF.

With the participation of SEMA-member parts manufacturers and Dodge, the fund this year benefitted from eBay's auction of a modified Dodge Charger and Dodge Avenger.

The Avenger features best-in-class V6 fuel economy (19/29 mpg) and is one of the most affordable V6 midsize sedans available today. The Charger features all-new modern heritage-inspired design and a best-in-class combination of power and fuel efficiency from its 5.7L V8 Hemi, which boasts 370 hp while achieving 16/25 mpg fuel efficiency. The Charger was built in the Hurst/Aria facility, with Aria serving as the design engineers and artists for both vehicles.

The Charger was the only Charger that Hurst customized this year. The vehicle features a custom paint scheme by Aria, Hurst wheels and tires, a Katzkin Leather interior with red and black Hurst logos in the headrests, an Eibach suspension setup, a Flowmaster exhaust, a Hurst shifter and badges for the interior and exterior, Hurst floor mats from Star West and a Grant steering wheel.

The Avenger was built by Mike Spagnola at Street Scene Equipment. It features a custom paint scheme by Aria, a Street Scene Speed Grille, Nitto tires, Lorenzo wheels, embroidered Hurst-logo headrests and Star West mats with a Hurst logo design.

“Dodge, Hurst, Street Scene Equipment, eBay and the other sponsors provided their products and services at no charge,” said Joel Ayres, chairman of the SEMA Scholarship Committee. “That means 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the fund. Those contributions will go a long way toward helping deserving students to achieve their goal of working in the automotive and specialty-equipment industries. All of the participating companies deserve our thanks and the recognition that they are helping to build our future.”

For more information about the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund, visit Encourage qualifying students to apply for a SEMA scholarship. Applications will go live December 5.