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Spy Shots—New Acura Integra for 2013?

Acura Integra Prototype

The team of pros at Brenda Priddy & Co. just spied the latest from Acura: An upscale sedan riding on the Civic platform and due to arrive as early as the ’13 model year.

Priddy's sources speculate that the TSX will be discontinued after the ’13 model year, and the slot in the lineup will be replaced with a civic-based sedan with a familiar name—possibly Integra. Or possibly RSX. The shooters report that they have heard rumors of both.

The sedan, as shown here in pre-production prototype form, will arrive first, with a coupe and possible convertible to follow a year later.

Although riding on the Civic platform, Priddy says that this is not a rebadged Honda. The Integra/RSX will be larger than its Civic cousin and have unique styling and sheetmetal.

Acura Integra Prototype
Photos courtesy of Brenda Priddy & Co.