SEMA Members: Have You Submitted Your Vote?

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The designated SEMA primary contact for your company should have received an e-mail on September 13 from the association's immediate-past chairman Rick Rollins and current chairman Scooter Brothers about a revision to the SEMA Bylaws.

The SEMA Board of Directors recently approved a motion to decrease the size of the Board. The bylaw revision initiative reflects their consensus that a smaller Board would improve the quality of discussion and reduce cost.

The current SEMA Board meetings total 26 individuals. A smaller group would be able to have more productive discussions, see each other eye-to-eye, be prepared and held accountable. Board members in a smaller group setting are often more comfortable stating what they believe or know, voicing an “unpopular” point of view and asking questions. The result is higher quality input, analysis and better Board decisions and guidance.

We are sending this communication now to be certain that our message reached the right person in every SEMA-member company. Only the designated SEMA “primary contact” may register a vote.

If you are the SEMA primary contact for your company and did receive our e-mail, please give us two minutes and record your vote now using your member number and password to vote online.

If voting instructions have not been received by your company’s primary contact, please advise that person to e-mail in order to receive materials necessary to log your company’s vote.

If you do not know who the SEMA primary contact is for your company, e-mail Arlene Wood or call 909/978-6689.

For a more complete review of the arguments for and against the proposal, SEMA members are invited and encouraged to visit

Your company’s vote is important. The Board-approved changes are needed to make the Board more productive for the SEMA membership. We thank you for supplying your company’s input on this important matter.