Make Post-Show Follow Up Easier—Advance Rate on Lead Retrieval Available


Lead-retrieval products and services are designed to help you maximize the return on your investment from exhibiting by turning qualified buyers into potential sales leads.

Want to know how you can take advantage of every opportunity at your booth and process potential leads faster? The SEMA Show attracts thousands of qualified buyers every year and you may not have a chance to address each one individually. They visit your booth because they're interested in what you have to offer. Now, with the swipe of a card, a lead-retrieval system—available to exhibitors for the Show—eliminates the hassle of fumbling around with business cards. It records the potential buyer's personal information, providing you with electronic leads to follow up on after the Show.

CompuSystems, the SEMA Show’s official registration provider, offers a suite of lead-retrieval products and services designed to help you maximize the return on your investment from exhibiting and turn qualified buyers into sales. This comprehensive, 360-degree approach to lead management will connect you with attendees before, during and after the Show.

Pre-Show, TrafficMax attendee promotional services can be used to drive traffic to your booth. This system can be used to target buyers so you can then send a customized marketing message to your target audience. Once onsite, CompuLEAD lead-retrieval products are designed to help you quickly and effectively capture and qualify leads on the Show floor. When the Show ends, exhibitors that used a CompuLEAD device have access to BuyerConnect—a free post-Show follow-up service.

Order online or use the order forms (pdf) to learn more and sign up for these valuable services by the October 3 advance rate deadline. For assistance, call 866/600-5323 (inside the United States) or +1 708/786-5565 (outside the United States)

Upcoming Deadlines:

September 23 CompuSystems: International Exhibitor Registration (to receive badges in mail)
September 30 Booth Food Service (Advance Rate)–ARAMARK
September 30 Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor Application
September 30 Fabric Solutions–Freeman
September 30 Sponsorship Materials Due–Motor Media
September 30 Vehicle Detailing (Advance Rate)–ECA Ltd.
September 30 Student Program Application (Interns)
October 3
Lead Retrieval Rental (Advance Rate)–CompuSytems
October 7
Carpet and Cleaning Order (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7
Credit Card Authorization–Freeman
October 7
Cable Order (Advance Rate)–Smart City
October 7
Electrical Order (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7
Exhibit Accessories (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7
Exhibit Furnishings (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7
Feature Vehicle Display Application Information
October 7 Hanging Truss, Chain Hoist, Lighting and Stagehand Labor (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7 Labor, Installation and Dismantle–Freeman
October 7 Members Lounge Conference Room Reservation
October 7 Method of Payment–Freeman
October 7
New Products Entry (Advance Rate)
October 7
Project Vehicle Builders
October 7
Rental Exhibit Order (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7 Rigging Equipment Labor Order–Freeman
October 7 Booth Security Guard Service (Advance Rate)–COPS & Pro-Tect
October 7
Special Signs and Graphics (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7
Target Time Changes–Freeman
October 7
Telephone/Internet Order (Advance Rate)–Smart City
October 7 Third-Party Payment–Freeman
October 7 Utilities: Air/Water/Drain Order (Advance Rate)–Freeman