Can Buyers Find Your Booth? Make Sure Here

The 2011 SEMA Show Directory is one of the main tools that buyers use to locate companies on the SEMA Show floor. The information for the 2011 SEMA Show Directory listing is taken from SEMA Show exhibitors' Exhibit Space Rental Agreement submission. The deadline for changes to appear in the printed 2011 SEMA Show Directory is September 2, 2011. After this, all changes will only be reflected in the online listing.

The SEMA Show contact from each exhibiting company will receive e-mails with the information currently held by SEMA that will appear in your directory listing. The most recent e-mail was sent Monday, August 29, with the subject line “Final Chance to Review Your Printed 2011 Show Directory Listing.”

If the information in the e-mail is correct, reply to the e-mail for a confirmation. If you have any questions or need to make any changes, contact Marel Del Rio at or call 909/978-6740.

Upcoming Deadlines

September 2
  Celebrity Appearance Notification
September 2   Exhibitor Product Training Sessions—to be included in printed material
September 2
  Media Conference Application
September 2   Show Directory Listing Information Due
September 2   Show Directory Advertising Space Reservations
September 9
  Exhibit Space Design Notification (for all exhibits 400 NSF or more)
September 9   Hanging Sign Design Notification Order
September 9   Show Directory Advertising Materials Due
September 16   PR Company Contact Information
September 23   CompuSystems: International Exhibitor Registration (to receive badges in mail)
September 30   Booth Food Service (Advance Rate)–ARAMARK
September 30   Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor Application
September 30   Fabric Solutions–Freeman
September 30   Sponsorship Materials Due–Motor Media
September 30   Vehicle Detailing (Advance Rate)–ECA Ltd.
September 30   Student Program Application (Interns)
October 3
  Lead Retrieval Rental (Advance Rate)–CompuSytems
October 7
  Carpet and Cleaning Order (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7
  Credit Card Authorization–Freeman
October 7
  Cable Order (Advance Rate)–Smart City
October 7
  Electrical Order (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7
  Exhibit Accessories (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7
  Exhibit Furnishings (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7
  Feature Vehicle Display Application Information
October 7   Hanging Truss, Chain Hoist, Lighting and Stagehand Labor (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7   Labor, Installation and Dismantle–Freeman
October 7   Members Lounge Conference Room Reservation
October 7   Method of Payment–Freeman
October 7
  New Products Entry (Advance Rate)
October 7
  Project Vehicle Builders
October 7
  Rental Exhibit Order (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7   Rigging Equipment Labor Order–Freeman
October 7   Booth Security Guard Service (Advance Rate)–COPS & Pro-Tect
October 7
  Special Signs and Graphics (Advance Rate)–Freeman
October 7
  Target Time Changes–Freeman
October 7
  Telephone/Internet Order (Advance Rate)–Smart City
October 7   Third-Party Payment–Freeman
October 7   Utilities: Air/Water/Drain Order (Advance Rate)–Freeman