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SEMA Show Cruise Brings New Audience for Exhibitors

  Project Vehicles Overhead

The SEMA Cruise will feature 2011 SEMA Show display vehicles exiting the Las Vegas Convention Center in parade-like fashion, a phenomenon that has been taking place, and gathering crowds of onlookers, at the Show for more than a decade.


This November, a highly visible new feature sure to add value to exhibitors debuts at the 2011 SEMA Show, bringing the Show's jaw-dropping, trade-only vehicles to a new audience.

A phenomenon has been taking place at the SEMA Show for more than a decade. When the Show ends at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, magic happens as the display vehicles are driven out of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Over the years, this exodus has become an unofficial parade—an extension of the Show that hundreds of industry professionals and the people of Las Vegas line the streets to witness.

This year, the SEMA Show organizers will bring additional spectacle and honors to the procession.

Thanks to the efforts and sponsorship of Chevrolet and its Cruze, eBay Motors, UPS, Swixxtraxx, Mothers Polish and Continental Tire, the SEMA Cruise will achieve official status and be bolstered with awards, giveaways, entertainment and even enhanced seating for the crowds who throng to view the vehicles of the greatest automotive event on the planet.

The parade will culminate in a car show that will be housed in the Gold Lot across from the convention center. VIP interviews, special sponsor awards, showstoppers and continual banter from host Joe Sebergandio will highlight the Cruise. The vehicles are bound to receive additional media coverage, not to mention additional exposure to consumers and enthusiasts who will get their first look at the cars and trucks built with top-drawer specialty equipment by some of the most famous fabricators in the world. Stick around to see which ones receive the greatest acclaim.

For more information on the 2011 SEMA Show and to register, visit www.SEMAShow.com.