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Spy Shots—2013 BMW M3: Rumors Point to Tri-Turbo V6

2013 BMW M3

Spy shooter Brenda Priddy and her team have spied several next-generation BMW 3-Series variants in the past several months. Here are a couple of shots of the ’13 BMW M3 sedan.

The sportier wheels and tires, big brakes, cross-drilled rotors and quad-tip exhaust were all the team needed to see to know they spotted M division's latest vehicle.

Because it's still very early in development, details about this car are a little slim, but the biggest question remains, "what BMW will do with the motor?" The rumors that Priddy and her team have heard suggest that the new M3 may feature a straight six-cylinder motor with three turbochargers, good for 450 hp.

According to Brenda Priddy, BMW M boss Dr. Friedrich Nitschke said of the next M3: "There will be a bigger focus on very low fuel consumption, and the new M3 will prove this."

This seems to lend some weight to the tri-turbo, six-cylinder motor.

2013 BMW M3
Photo Credit: Brenda Priddy & Company