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Spy Shots—Honda CR-V: 2.4L VTEC, Possible Third Row Seats

Honda CR-V

With Honda doing a good job of hiding its next-generation CR-V, the shooters at Brenda Priddy & Co. were pleasantly surprised to grab shots of this lightly disguised prototype.

The biggest changes appear to be at the rear, where Honda almost looks to be taking a page from the Volvo design book. It's possible that the extra space in the back is making room for a third row, according to Priddy.

The 2.4L four-cylinder VTEC motor should continue to be the only engine choice, reports the Priddy team. They do expect a modest bump over the current 180 hp and some slight gains in fuel economy.

Priddy also reports that while the earthquake in Japan has delayed the start of production by about a month, she expects the new CR-V to start rolling down the assembly line in Ohio, as well as Alliston, Ontario, in late fall of this year.

Honda CR-V
Photo Credit: Brian Williams and Brenda Priddy/Brenda Priddy & Co.