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Spy Shots—BMW Planning 1-Series GT for the United States


BMW 1-Series

BMW is planning an all-new lineup of FWD, premium small cars, and the photo pros at Brenda Priddy & Co. have delivered shots of several tiny Bimmers. According to the shooters, the future of BMW's 1-Series badge may be a little confusing due to the automaker's plan to release a RWD 1-Series lineup and a FWD 1-Series lineup. Pictured here are images of the FWD 1-Series GT.

Riding on the "UKL" platform, this new BMW will share its underpinnings with the next-generation MINI Cooper. While this platform will be used mostly for front-wheel-drive applications, Priddy says that there should be at least one AWD variant in the works as well.

This new front-drive lineup will spawn a few other body styles besides the "GT" model in these photos—an estate model, supposedly dubbed the "Family Activity Sports Tourer," and a smaller hatchback will round out the lineup.

With these new BMWs still at least 18–24 months off, Priddy tells us that powertrain details are very limited, although the team is sure it will consist of naturally aspirated and turbocharged four-cylinder motors.

According to Brenda Priddy & Co., BMW board member Ian Robertson revealed at the Paris Motor Show that this new lineup will make it to U.S. dealers. Priddy expects the vehicles to debut sometime in the middle of 2013.

BMW 1-Series GT
Photo Credit: Brenda Priddy & Company