Drawing a Crowd: The Power of Pre-Show Publications

  SEMA News Feature on Show Vehicles
  Exhibitors: promote your SEMA Show buildups by submitting an image and a description of the modifications to SEMA News, to be included in the November issue of the magazine.

The key to a SEMA Show exhibitor's overall success is building excitement and exposure for new-product launches and project-vehicle premieres prior to the Show. One of the best opportunities for exhibitors to promote their SEMA Show debut is by sending press release materials into SEMA's publication department.

One of the pre-Show publications is SEMA's monthly magazine—SEMA News. Though it's published year-round, in the months leading up to the Show, it's an excellent resource for Show attendees. In fact, the October issue will focus specifically on new products to be unveiled at the 2011 SEMA Show. To be included, simply e-mail Managing Editor Carr Winn a brief description of the product and include a high-resolution image in either tif, eps or jpeg format. The deadline to send materials for consideration is August 8, 2011. Please review the following PDF of last year's new product sneak peek for word count and image guidelines.

In the November issue of SEMA News, there will be a special feature dedicated to project vehicles heading to the Las Vegas Convention Center this year. To be included, please e-mail Contributing Editor Steve Campbell a detailed description of your current project vehicle, along with photos and/or renderings of the buildup. For this article, entries must be received by September 6, 2011. For reference, here's a PDF of last year's project vehicle coverage. Please take a moment to review the PDF, so that you can use the same format when completing your entry. Keep in mind that all vehicle modifications must be organized by category and that the most important detail in each submission is the contact information. This data is critical for our editorial team to contact you regarding your submission and for readers to use as a reference during the SEMA Show.

For any questions about pre-Show coverage in SEMA News, please contact Carr Winn at

Submission Policy: All submissions will be featured in pre-Show publications based on the order in which they were received on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that the publications department receives more submissions than it can accommodate, the unpublished items will be placed on a waiting list and then included when and if additional space becomes available.